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We are proud to annouce that the following talent will be performing at the 2014 Roadshow Revival

Bands will play a combination of their top hits along with their own tributes to the memory of Johnny Cash.


Los Lobos - Headliner


Los Lobos

With a rollicking mixture of Rock n' Roll, Folk, Tex - Mex, and traditional, Grammy Award winning, Los Lobos have been in the spotlight since the early 1980's. 1983 saw the release of their EP, "... And A Time To Dance," and the purchase of a Dodge Van. Los Lobos have been on the road ever since. They've recorded hits like "Will the Wolf Survive", "La Bamba", "Donna", "Come On, Let's Go", and critically acclaimed records--Kiko, The Ride, Tin Can Trust, and most recently, Disconnected in New York City. Their signature Rockabilly, Tex Mex, Country, Folk sound will round out our Johnny Cash Tribute Festival perfectly, and we are honored to have 'em. Over the course of their career they've developed a dedicated fan base and an iron clad sense of identity, paying equal tribute to their rock sound and their cultural roots. Los Lobos have broadened their scope and gotten bigger and better as the years have gone by. This Fall they celebrate their 40th anniversary.

"This is what happens when five guys create a magical sound, then stick together for 30 years to see how far it can take them." - Rolling Stone

Los Lobos 2013




Special Guest: Social Distortion guitarist Jonny Two Bags

Jonny Two Bags


“A reassuringly good, nifty showing from guitarist Jonny Wickersham, who in his “Two Bags” guise here has crafted a muscular set of well-written, well-sung tunes all on his own” – ROLLINGSTONE.COM via YAHOO! MUSIC

“Jonny Two Bags has the musical chops, legacy, and songwriting ability of a very major player, as a listen to his just-released solo album Salvation Town will readily attest.”

"Jonny Wickersham serves up a welcome stylistic turn with (lead track) 'One Foot in the Gutter,' an irresistible slab of pub rock that recalls the heyday of artists like Graham Parker and Nick Lowe.” —ROLLING STONE.COM

“On his new album Salvation Town, Jonny Two Bags indulges in relaxing melodies and acoustic instruments, reminiscing about his glory days and pondering big questions along the way.” —CMT EDGE

““Salvation Town” Might be the most honest album you hear this year. It is likely to be labeled ”Americana,” a clear misunderstand of the musical range Jonny Two Bags shows he is capable.” —ORLNDO EXAMINER

“Jonny Two Bags has crafted a roots rock masterpiece: built from some tough stuff at times, but not too heavy to dance to. Splash some water on your face, run your finger
through your hair, and come on in.” —JAMBANDS.COM (RELIX)



Dale Watson

Dale Watson

Dale Watson is a country music maverick, a true outlaw carrying on where Waylon Jennings left off. A member of the Austin Music Hall of Fame, he stands alongside Waylon, Willie Nelson, and George Strait as one of the finest country singers and songwriters from the Lone Star State.
Although Dale has made his name as a Texas artist, he actually was born in Alabama. Moving to Houston as a teenager, his musical journey began right out of high school as he started playing clubs and local honky-tonks. In 1988, it led him to move to Los Angeles on the advice of rockabilly singer-guitarist Rosie Flores. He played in the house band at the legendary Palomino Club in Hollywood for a couple years and recorded a few singles before moving to Nashville to write songs for a publishing company run by Gary Morris (writer of such country/pop hits as "The Wind Beneath My Wings"). Commercial country did not fit the fiercely independent songwriter so Dale relocated to Austin, Texas where he got a record deal and wrote several songs poking fun at the industry side of Nashville, including "Nashville Rash" from his Hightone debut Cheatin' Heart Attack and "A Real Country Song" from his 1996 follow-up Blessed or Damned.

After making three albums with Hightone, Dale released The Trucking Sessions on Koch Records in 1998. Including 14 original driving songs, the album received high praise and caused critics to compare him to chart-topping writer Red Simpson, who was responsible for some of the most iconic trucking tunes in country music.

Just two years after this success, Dale's fiancee died in a car accident. As chronicled in the Zalman King documentary Crazy Again (2006), he turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with her loss and nearly died of an overdose. Dale then checked himself into a mental institution and left a year later, releasing his tribute album to her called Every Song I Write Is For You (2001). After recording a few more albums, he decided to take a break from touring and moved to Maryland to be closer to his daughters.

Dale WatsonBack in Texas and on the road in 2006, Dale has been trucking ever since and is now releasing his 20th album. His debut on indie label Red House Records, The Sun Sessions was recorded at Memphis' legendary Sun Studios with The Texas Two (bassist Chris Crepps and drummer Mike Bernal) in the stripped-down style of Johnny Cash's earliest recordings.

Like the early country legends of the 1950's and 1960's, Dale has a style and sound all his own. Tattooed and always dressed to the nines, he is a true entertainer, mixing humor and pathos into his lively shows. Whether playing with his Texas Two or with his rocking band the Lone Stars, Dale is sure to take us on one hell of a musical ride.


The Paladins

Paladins photo

The Paladins from San Diego, California are the preeminent blues/rockabilly band in America. Founded in the early 1980s by guitarist Dave Gonzalez and his high school friend and double bass player Thomas Yearsley, they have recorded nine studio and three live albums, and along the way built a reputation as one of America's hardest-working live bands.

The Paladins started out as a rockabilly band during the rockabilly craze of the early 1980s. Their tagline at the time was "Western & Bop", as they played a combination of rockabilly and vintage country. Their first LP, The Paladins, was produced by Kim Wilson of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and was released in 1987. They followed that up with Years Since Yesterday, released on Alligator Records in 1989 and produced by Los Lobos' Steve Berlin and Mark Linnet. When Let's Buzz came out in 1990 the band was firmly planted as a headliners in showcase music clubs across the country and in Europe. The band soon established themselves a regular festival headliners sharing bills with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Los Lobos. Let's Buzz, "an invigorating blend of rockabilly, blues, rhythm-and-blues and country," was recorded in the Los Angeles studio of 1970s soul star Leon Haywood and is their largest selling record to date. Since that time nine more critically acclaimed albums have come out. Most notably, their 1996 live album, Million Mile Club which, fittingly marked the band's one millionth mile traveled on the road.

Paladins Per-Ole-HagenTo their many fans, the Paladins appeared to have come to an end in 2004, when Gonzalez, who wanted to focus on different musical interests, formed the western-soul band the Hacienda Brothers. During this time Dave Gonzalez liked to refer to the Paladins status as being "on hiatus." Sadly, after the untimely death of Hacienda Brothers band mate and friend, Chris Gaffney, Gonzalez found time for the Paladins to reunite, first in 2010 for a festival in Europe, then again in 2011 for more European events including a small tour. Also in 2011 the band performed their first US date in seven years at the Ink and Iron Festival in Long Beach, then in 2012 at the Doheny Blues Festival. This year once again finds the band headling some select European shows and they will also making a few special reunion appearances in the US including the event "A tribute to the Music of Johnny Cash" on June 14th in Ventura California. Dave Gonzalez has been living in Austin Texas for the past five years where he stays busy, not only performing, but also recording bands and producing records. In between all of that Dave, Tom and drummer Brian Fahey have also gotten together to record some new Paladins tracks. So who knows what the future might bring, but for now, Paladins fans across the globe are just happy that the trio has found time to get together for these rare reunion concerts.


James Intveld

James Inveld

A native of Los Angeles and current resident of Nashville, James Intveld started his career at an early age listening and singing along to his parents' recordings of Hank Williams, Sr., Dean Martin, Lefty Frizzell and Elvis. By high school he was he was playing in cover bands and was soon a regular sitting in with the house band at the legendary Palomino Club.

Initially, Intveld worked with his younger brother Ricky and friend Pat Woodward in a band known as the Rockin' Shadows. The group dissolved when Ricky and Woodward left to work with Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band; both later died in the same airplane accident that took the life of Nelson. It was only fate that kept James from getting on that flight. It's a tragedy that cut, and still cuts deeply into his heart and soul.

During the cow punk movement of the '80s, Intveld was working the same clubs as Dwight Yoakam and Rosie Flores, playing his own brand of rockabilly. He so impressed Town South of Bakersfield producers Pete Anderson and Dusty Wakeman that he was included on the second volume of the compilation series.

As a multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter and sideman, James' name seems to crop up everywhere. He's in high demand for his skills as a player; as adept at the slap bass, slide, steel, and drums as on guitar. He's done everything from playing bass with Dwight Yoakum to lead guitar with the Blasters and most recently with John Fogerty.

Intveld wrote the Rosie Flores hit "Cryin' Over You" as well as all the material on his own first 1996 effort "James Intveld." That was named the best studio recording project and the best country or roots CD of 1996 by California's Music Connection magazine. Intveld successfully produced, arraged, sang, and played all the parts on this magnificent release, dedicated to his brother and best friend, Ricky.

Continuously cast in movies, TV and videos, James was the singing voice of Johnny Depp's character in the John Waters film Cry Baby. Other credits include Sean Penn's directorial debut, "Indian Runner," "Thing Called Love," with River Phoenix, Billy Crystal's HBO production, "#61," and his role starring beside Billy Bob Thorton in the motion picture, "Chrystal".


The Americans

The American s


The AmericansThe Americans perform original rock & roll and traditional American music. Formed in 2010, the Americans have toured all over the United States and shared billing with the likes of T Bone Burnett and Patti Smith. The band accompanied Grammy- and Oscar-winner Ryan Bingham on his Junky Star and Tomorrowland tours in 2011 and 2012.

The Americans recorded "Sweet & Low," an original composition, for the ANTI- Records album Sons of Rogue's Gallery, released in February 2013. Executive produced by Johnny Depp, the album features new music by Keith Richards, Macy Gray, Tom Waits, and Dr. John.

The Americans' music is featured in the Michael Mann-produced film Texas Killing Fields, starring Sam Worthington and Chloë Moretz. The soundtrack includes two original compositions by the band: "Kiss Your Eyes" and "When The Blaze Is Blue."

In 2011 the Americans performed at the wedding of Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth, accompanying the newlyweds' first dance with a rendition of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love," followed by a set of original songs, early blues, and rockabilly.

The Americans are: Patrick Ferris (vocals, guitar), Zac Sokolow (electric guitar, banjo), Jake Faulkner (bass), and Tim Carr (drums).

The Americans Live


The Snake Oil Sales Men

Snake Oil Sales Men

Growing up in Santa Cruz, Tristan "The Kid" Cole-Falek began his upright bass career working with The Chop Tops. Moving South after high school, he signed on with Three Bad Jacks for several years. During this time, he and drummer Nick Colliflower developed a reputation as one of the most thunderous, high energy rhythm sections around. After leaving Three Bad Jacks, the two parted ways for some time while Tristan delved whole hog into American Music with Phil Alvin. Recently reunited by a mutual addiction to high octane rock n roll, Nick and Tristan have once again combined forces, this time with native Oklahoman and exceptionally dynamic front man Clay Coughlan, to bring you Snake Oil Salesmen; a band with a refreshingly diverse sound and high intensity stage show.






The Mighty Cash Cats



The Mighty Cash Cats has received rave reviews, touring in the USA, Las Vegas, Europe, Ireland and Israel at Festivals, Fairs, Casinos, Theaters, Performing Art Centers, and Corporate Events. Recently the band was profiled on Germany's highly rated TV show, "RTL Punkt12" and appeared with Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard.

The Mighty Cash Cats cover Johnny Cash’s career from his early hits that audiences all know and love to his final Rick Ruben produced “American Recordings" including fun Johnny Cash and June Carter duets. The band also plays Hot New Country Music, Rock n Roll, and Blues.

In addition to their World Renown Tribute Show to Johnny Cash, The Mighty Cash Cats have a "Tribute to the Women of Country Music and Rock n Roll" featuring tunes by Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, Lady Antebellum, Gretchen Wilson, Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Miranda Lambert, Patsy Cline, Martina McBride and more...

Some Rave reviews:

"Thank you for helping to keep my Dad's music and legacy alive!" Cindy Cash

"The audience felt that Johnny Cash returned to the bandstand." Jerusalem Post

The Mighty Cash Cats

"The Mighty Cash Cats is as close as you can get to the real thing." Casper Star

"America's #1 Johnny Cash Tribute." FNO

“They have awed audiences across the country.” The San Diego Tribute

"Fantastic show!." Jeff Shore, E! TV

"Michael J embodies Johnny Cash in both voice and look." Los Angeles Weekly

“If the audience closed their eyes during Michael J’s show they, no doubt, thought that the country-rockabilly crooner, Johnny Cash, had managed to find his way back to the terrestrial bandstand.” Jerusalem Post

The Ventura based Mighty Cash Cats has toured from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Ireland to Israel covering all six decades of Johnny Cash’s career including fun Johnny Cash and June Carter duets, Last year the band was featured on the hit German TV show, "RTL Punkt 12."

“Michael J Smith leads the performance playing a black acoustic guitar. It is impossible not to be drawn to the bass texture of his voice–and his physical and aural resemblance to Johnny Cash is practically eerie." LA Music Connection Magazine


Hard Six

Hard Six

Hard Six hails from Ventura, California and features the world-class crooning, and edgy guitar of front man "Fuse". Combine that with greasy haired tattooed bruiser "Vogelcide" on the upright bass, and the powerful back beat of local drum hero, "Six", and you've got what Hard Six fans have dubbed a 'Stupid Good' rock and roll band.

Hard Six was formed in 2005 and released their first album entitled "88" in 2006. Since that time, Hard Six has shared the stage with many great artists such as Nekromantix, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Wanda Jackson, and many others. Members of the Dead Kennedy's have called Hard Six "the ultimate party band" and Hard Six fans often hail the band for their clear and relate-able lyrics, simmering intensity, and entertaining sense of humor.

Hard Six has been steadily gaining new fans, mostly in Ventura County, but also starting to make gains nationally. They are an annual staple at the California Avocado Festival since 2006, performed at both the 2013 and 2014 LA Marathon, and while 'sounding like nobody else' are often compared to Johnny Cash, Reverend Horton Heat, Social Distortion, Tiger Army, and The Damned.

Hard 6

Hard Six is a hard-working band with an impressive arsenal of songs (Over 4 hours of music) comprised of original songs and the classics we all know and love. Fuse of Hard Six describes the music as a blend of 50's rockabilly with 70's punk and 40's country.

Hard Six has released their second album entitled "Teenage Paranormal Romance" which in a grassroots effort has sold thousands of physical copies. Two standout tracks on the album are '999 Tears' and 'The Unicorn Song' which are consistently drawing new fans to Hard Six as the they are increasingly being played on various local and online radio stations. One particular station; The infamous and edgy Red Light District Radio recently awarded Hard Six "Best Album of The Year" for 2014. In September of 2013 Hard Six released their music video 'Haunted Ride' which features Bill Murphy of the hit cable show 'Fact or Faked: The Paranormal Files' and Chuck Testa, known the world over for his famous an hilarious viral videos.

Hard Six will be releasing a new album this Fall (2014) and they will be featured in two upcoming Indie horror films.


The Cold Hard Cash Show

Cold Hard Cash


The Cold Hard Cash Show is an original and innovative tribute to the music of Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Three!

Fronted by guitarist and singer Merle Travis Peterson, The Cold Hard Cash Show brings to life classic Cash songs from the Sun & Columbia Records Catalogs to the modern American recordings, performing with the energy of the Live at Folsom and San Quentin albums with a sound so accurate you’d think you’re listening to The Man in Black himself!

The band formed in 2005 and in addition to Merle Travis Peterson fronting the band on vocals and guitar, the line up includes long time member Fel Torres on drums and Ryan Yates on upright bass.

Since the formation, they have performed on hundreds of stages often sharing them with a diverse variety of artists such as as Darryl Worley, John Anderson, Eric Church, Charlie Daniels, Lonestar, Eddie Money, Eli Young Band, James Hunnicutt, Saliva and countless others as well as performing at several high profile private functions with guests such as Katy Perry, Shawn Colvin, John Oates, Justin Timberlake, David Ryan Harris, John Mayer and have at times performed with a few of them!

In 2008 the band made their National Television debut when they performed on The Late Show with David Letterman, gaining a solid world wide fan base and landing them on stages at several nationally known festivals which include Memphis in May Festival (Memphis,TN), Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (Sturgis,SD) and Johnny Cash Festival- Roadshow Revival (Ventura,CA).

In 2014 the band recorded a song for long time Eddie Money drummer Glenn Symmonds and were featured on his ‘Friends of Glenn’s’ album along with multiple artists including Eddie Money.

The band continues to tour across the country non-stop spreading the great word and music of The Man in Black, Johnny Cash!

Say what you will about Tribute Bands, The Cold Hard Cash Show is an excellent band, excellent show, and an excellent experience!


Theresa Spanke

Theresa Spanke

Theresa Spanke is a vocal powerhouse and gifted songwriter who hails from Bakersfield California. She has shared stages with such greats as Buck Owens, Garth Brooks, Merle Haggard, Dwight Yoakam, Diamond Rio, and many others. She is a regular performer at such legendary Bakersfield establishments as Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, Trout's and The Blackboard Stages, among many others, as well as toured Europe extensively. She is equally at home while singing Country, Rock, old Standards, or Gospel and her passion and powerful vocals shine through regardless of the genre.

Theresa Spanke is to singing what Gibson is to guitars! Soft, warm melodic tones, effortlessly transition into full bodied bluesy, raspy peaks that emanate from her deep love of music. She can’t hide it. Her love for her craft shines through her like a radiant light.

Since she was a child, music has played a major role in her life, and it shows.Theresa comes from a musical family, and it is deeply rooted in her DNA. Her parents met at a USO gig back during the Korean War, where her Mom was playing the upright bass, and her Dad was serving in the Air Force. Two of her brothers are also very talented singers/ songwriters/ and incredible musicians in their own right.

Not to mention the fact that she grew up, and continues to live in Bakersfield, the iconic California city rich in musical heritage, and home to the “Bakersfield Sound”, made famous by folks like Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Red Simpson, Bonnie Owens, Susan Raye, Dallas Frazier, Billy and Buddy Mize, Tommy Collins, the Collins Kids, Cousin Herb Henson, Bill Woods, The Maddox Brothers and Rose, and many more. All of which have influenced her along her musical journey so far.

Theresa Spanke

From about the age of 5 years old, She began playing around with melodies and making up songs. It made her happy, and It’s a joy that continues in her soul today. From those early endeavours, Theresa has evolved into a masterful songwriter in her own right. No longer content to just sing other’s songs, Theresa is now set to spread her wings and sing her own songs as well. Her desire is to share her stories of love, loss, pain, elation, and all the emotions encountered in life, weaving them into a beautiful tapestry of song.

Whether it be country, pop, classic rock, or the old standards, otherwise know as “legitimate” music, Theresa loves it all, and is equally adept at performing the different genres. Even though they are very different from each other, they all have one thing in common…. they move her, and she in turn moves the listener, as she delivers her unforgettable, heart felt renditions.

Theresa is a natural born performer at heart. Even as a child she always found somewhere to perform, be it at school, the neighborhood park concerts, or even just at home for family and friends, anywhere they would let her, she would sing. Even to this day she maintains the same attitude towards her craft.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the smallest of clubs, big concert venues, or anything in between, she loves them all. For Theresa it is always about the people, not the venue, she loves the people. Nothing touches her soul more than making people happy and watching them smile and have fun.

The Walking Phoenixes


Walking Pheonixes

When the Walking Phoenixes take the stage in their signature “all black” three piece suits, you can’t help but wonder if these four young guys have what it takes to be a tribute to the “Man In Black.” It is more than just a band or a likeness of Johnny Cash. It’s an experience.

The WP give these classic songs a re-birth, a modern and sometimes hot-rodded sound created out of their liking and love for Johnny Cash. They don’t sound like any particular band. They do have all kinds of influences, but that just brings a very colorful and layered sound to what they do with the Johnny Cash songs. Some songs are sped up, and some are even slowed down. It depends on the content, style, and story of the song. They have four different band members, with four different perspectives, and four very different palette of paint to work from. You add all that together, and you get their sound with the Johnny Cash overtone essence and presence.

They strive to be like “a flower of light in a field of darkness.” These are the lyrics in the song “Greystone Chapel,” written by Glen Sherley (an inmate at Folsom Prison). Johnny Cash had performed this song at Folsom Prison while Sherley was still there. Whether they are headlining a summer concert series for over 10,000 people, or performing for one special person, they strive to inspire and uplift any environment, touch people’s hearts and make them smile. The WP have played at benefit concerts for all different types of awareness. From mesothelioma motorcycle runs, job awareness for the U.S. veterans, life care centers for the aging, to even a prison. They are in fact a flower of light in a field of darkness.



Gamblers Mark 

Timeless Rockabilly soul crafted with the punch of real rock n roll. Gamblers Mark is that and more. Hailing from the foothills of Southern California, Gamblers Mark has emerged in a scene desperate for revival. Fronted by guitarist and lead vocalist Dave Gambler, Dave’s little brother Danny Exito on upright bass and Ricky Lobo on drums, these guys are invading the local scene with their contagious riffs and unmistakable sound.

Gamblers Mark


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